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Driving School for Driving Lessons and Crash Courses in Grays, Tilbury, Thurrock, Havering, Basildon & Brentwood Essex

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Testimonials October  2011

Avi from Brentwood passed his test on 6th October, after a 15 hour mini intensive. “Thanks to Stefan for all his help. I would recommend 5 star to anyone wanting a professional service and definitely recommend Stefan'


Kirsty from Grays passed her test on 3rd October 2011. “First time pass :) “

Chloe, first time pass at Tilbury on 4th October 2100. “Thanks Teena”

Clement from Grays, passed his test on 11th October 2011. “Thank you so much Gary, you really helped me. Many many thanks, God bless you and good luck to FIVESTAR.”

Jackie passed her test on the 7th October 2011. “Thank you so much Gary and Fivestar. I am over the moon to pass my test. An absolute brilliant Driving School and fantastic instructor.”

Adrian from London passed his first attempt on 18th October 2011. 'I booked an intensive 15hr course with five star Stefan was my instructor. he watched me drive and after told me exactly where my weaknesses were. The next few hours of lessons were spent ironing out these weaknesses, building up my confidence on the road plus teaching me a few tricks on parking manoeuvres anyway 15 hrs later i passed straight away i went on that test knowing that if i applied everything that i learned there was gonna be no way i was gonna fail .THANKS FIVE STAR (STEFAN)'

Lesley from Bromley passed at Tilbury on 27th October 2011.  'I've had 3 previous instructors and failed. I passed with Stefan and I'm very happy. Thanks'

Michelle from Gravesend passsed on 25th October 2011 after a 25 hour “Crash course”.  'Brilliant Course. Brilliant instructor (Stefan). Thanks for everything'

Matt passed his driving test on 20th October 2011. “Thanks Stefan”

Joseph passed his driving test on 27th October 2011.  “Thanks Chau”

Mahammad from Barking passed on the 17th October 2011.  “Thank you so much Gary.”

Bradley From Upminster passed at Brentwood on the 13th October 2011.  “Thank you Fivestar and thank you Gary for helping me to pass first time.”

Craig from Grays, passed his test on 27th October 2011. “Thank you Fivestar,the instructor I had explained things in such a way that I did not feel like "just another student".

Thank you so much Gary.

Testimonials August 2011

Lewis 1st time pass on 10th August 2011. “Thanks Chau, looking forward to doing Pass Plus next”

Olu from South Ockendon passed on 9th August 2011. “Great instructor will recommend Chau to all my friends and family”.

Lee passed on the 2nd August 2011.  “Thanks Chau”

Erica passed today 10th August 2011 “Thanks Chau”

Alex from Chafford passed on 10th August 2011. “Thanks Stefan”

Jane, passed in an Automatic on 11th August 2011. “Thanks Fivestar”

Jack passed his practical driving test on the 12th August 2011. “Thank you Gary and Five Star for all the help passing the test. Excellent driving school and awesome instructors”.

Tony passed his practical driving test at Tilbury on 16th August 2011. “Thanks Chau”

Mustafa passed his practical test at Tilbury on the 18th August 2011. “Thanks to Chau and Fivestar”

Hannah passed her test on 17th August 2011. “just want to say thankyou to teena for teaching me everything! couldnt have done it without you! been an amazing instructor! gunna miss u loads! :) xxxxxxx “

Ashley from Purfleet passed at Hornchurch on his First attempt with 2 driving faults on 19th August 2011.
"Thanks for your help, Stefan. Will be recommending you to everyone"

Thamina passed her practical test on the 19th August 2011. “Thanks and lots of thanks to have licence. Instructor was very very good and kind” explaining everything. Very good”

Malcom passed his practical driving test on 19th August 2011.  “Thank you very much Gary”

Alice passed her test on the 16th August 2011.”Thank you Gary”

Dielle passed her practical test on 31st August in Brentwood.  “Thanks Fivestar my instructor was great”

Connie from Tilbury passed her practical driving test on 25th august 2011. “Thank you Gary, Fivestar are the best”.

Testimonials September  2011

Fred from Corringham passed his practical driving test on 3rd September 2011 after taking a 30 hour intensive over 2 weeks. "I preferred the intensive as I wouldn't have been able to take it all in if I had been doing weekly lessons. I'm really pleased. Thanks to Stefan for all his help!"

Augustus passed his practical driving test on 5th September 2011. “Thank you so much Gary, I am so happy to pass”.

Kelly passed her practical test at Brentwood on the 2nd September 2011 “Thanks Annette”

Vjollcia passed her practical test on 5th September 2011. “Thanks Fivestar”

Josh, Passed his driving test on the 14th September 2011. “Friendly instructor, fantastic tutoring, made learning fun and pain free. I’ve had a great time and would highly recommend to anyone. 5 points about FIVESTAR.”

Jess passed her test on 12th September 2011. “Thanks Teena.”

Sally passed her test on 16th September 2011. A BIG THANK YOU to TEENA PLUMMER!!! The best instructor in the world!! This week has been tough, but we did it!!! Thanks for putting up with my tears & self doubts and for keeping me focused. I'm gonna miss you loads, I so looked forward to my driving lessons (& laughs) with you. See you for my Pass Plus. Shhh, don't tell Don, ;-D Love ya Babe!! PS. You'll always be that little voice in my head when I drive xxx”

Ailish  passed her driving test 2nd september at tilbury .. First time pass with only 3 minors. “Thanks Teena”

Julia from South Ockendon passed on Monday 12th at Tilbury. "Thanks for your help Stefan"

Laura from Tilbury passed on Thursday 15th at Tilbury on her first attempt. "Thanks for helping get me through my test. I'm so happy I passed on my first try"

Daniel from South Ockendon passed on the 22nd October 2011. “I passed first time, thank you Gary.”

Leanne from Upminster passed on the 21st September 2011. “A massive thank you to Gary for being an excellent instructor and for helping me to pass my driving test first time!!  

Highly recommended.”

Mark from Corringham passed on 15th September 2011. “Thank you FIVE STAR and a big thank you to you Gary.”

Elle passed her test on 26th September 2011. 'Would recommend Stefan to anyone. Thanks for everything'

Stephanie from Upminster test pass Tuesday 7th June at Brentwood.  “Thanks for everything Gary”

Tosin from Chafford Hundred, test pass 8th June at Tilbury. “I passed my test the 1st time!!!! Thanks a lot Gary. He was very patient and endured all. I really appreciate it.... Will definitely recommend Five Star!”

Amy Passed 15th June at Tilbury. “Thanks Dad”

Farzana Passed on 13th June at Tilbury. “Thanks Mark you changed my life”

Test pass 14th June. Michael from Upminster, passed at Hornchurch.  “ Thank you Gary I'm so glad I can now get out and drive”.

Megan, passed her test on the on 1st June at Basildon.  “Thanks John”

Charlotte passed her test at Basildon on 17th June, “ Thankyou Fivestar”

Emma passed her test on 17th June at Basildon.  “Thanks John”

Lewis passed his test on 13th June at Basildon.  “Thanks John”

Jamie passed his test on 29th June 2011 "I would definitely recommend such a great driving school. Thanks

Taylor from South Ockendon - "Thanks to Five Star and my instructor Graham.  Experienced a good professional approach to my lessons” 19th April 2011

Jyotsna passed at Tilbury 20th April 2011 “Thank you so much Mark”

Nicola, passed at Tilbury on 19th April 2011.  “Thank you so much”

Shelby passed on 14th April 2011.

“Thank you so much Teena couldn't of done it with out you thanks for being so patient an giving me the kick up the arse that i needed, ill miss you loads, you are a 5 *** driving instructor and a great friend :) xXx “

Michelle passed at Hornchurch on 21st April 2011 with 2 minors “Thanks Mark”

Steve (baby cake) passed at tilbury on 28th April. 1st time with 2 minors in 4 months!!!!  “Thanks Teena”

Luke, passed first time with 4 minors at Tilbury on 4th May 2011 “thanks fivestar for all your help and a special thank you to teena for all of her help and co-operation :)

Simi passed on 3rd May 2011.  “Thanks Mark for all your help”

Rashpal passed on 4th May 2011.  “Thank’s Stefan, I’m so happy”  

Lee From Grays Passed on 5th May 2011. "Very good driving school. Graham is a very good instructor, calm and friendly."


Ashley from Tilbury passed on 9th May 2011. “Passed my test 1st time. Thanks Gary I could not have done it without you”

Cuthbert (Kyle) from Canvey, passed 11th May 2011 at Tilbury. “Thanks Mark, it’s been emotional”

Adil from Canary Wharf Passed at Tilbury on 20th May 2011. “Five star is the way to go; definitely. Denise, the office manager is just stellar. Stefan, the instructor is the best and took great care in showing me the ropes of all-around good driving practices. Thanks Stefan and Denise! It was a pleasure”

Abbie passed at Tilbury on the 16th May 2011.  “Thanks Teena”

Luther from purfleet, Passed his test on 23rd May 2011. “Thanks Gary and Five Star for your support all the way”

Robert from Grays passed on 30th May. “I passed 1st time, thank you Five Star and thank you Gary”

Shanta passed on 11th May 2011 “I passed my test on 11/05/11! Thank you for all your help, patience and passion about teaching me a new skill”

Testimonials May 2011

Testimonials April 2011

Testimonials June 2011

Alice from Tilbury Passed on 15th June 2011. “Thank you Gary I passed 1st time. You are defiantly Five Star”.

Testimonials July 2011

Dean from Corringham passed his driving test at Tilbury on 4th July 2011.  “I’m very happy, would recommend FIVESTAR & my instructor Stefan to anyone.”

Amina passed her practical driving test on 4th July 2011. “Thank you Mark”

Nick from South Ockendon took a 15 hour “crash course” & passed with 2 faults at Tilbury on 6th July 2011. "Excellent tuition and thanks for all the help Stefan, couldn't have done it without you".

Ola passed on the 7th July 2011 at Tilbury. 'Thanks Stefan for all your help. I couldn't of done it without you!'.

Rachel from Basildon passed at Basildon on 7th July 2011. “Really good school and great instructor (Stefan). Thanks for everything”

Tracey from Harold Hill Passed her practical driving test on the 6th July 2011.  “Thank you Gary for all your help and for getting me through that nerve racking test”.

Jack from Plaistow passed his driving test today 18th July 2011 at Tilbury after taking a 20 hour "crash course". He passed with 6 faults on his first attempt. “'I'm over the moon. Thanks for all your help Stefan, I will recommend to others.”

Danny from East Tilbury passed 19th July 2011 with with 5 faults on his 3rd attempt. “Don't give up! I was thinking about quitting but with Stefan’s help I managed to do it. Thanks for everything”

Ricky from Tilbury passed on the 26th July with 2 faults, 'Thanks for all the help, I'm really happy!!'

Pavan passing his test today 28th July 2011 at Tilbury. “Thanks mark”

Neil passed his test at Tilbury on 29th July 2011. First time pass. “Thanks Mark for all your help”.

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Mirela passed her driving test on 21st September 2011 at Tilbury test centre.  “Thank you Chau”

Dino from South Ockendon passed with 5 faults at Tilbury on his first attempt on the 1st december 2011. “My previous instructor was unable to take me so I contacted FIVESTAR. They were able to help at short notice, thanks Fivestar”

Simon from Chafford passed his test on 10th November 2011. “Thank you so much Fivestar and to you also Gary for helping me to pass my test.”

Patricia from Walthamstow passed at Tilbury on the 10th November 2011. “Thanks Fivestar I was recommended to FIVESTAR by my friend Anthony who passed earlier this year.”

Mariama from Southend passed on the 18th November 2011 at Tilbury.  Her first attempt with 6 faults. 'I will recommend Stefan to anyone who wants to learn to drive. I am very happy. Thank you'

Joe from Tilbury, passed his test on 9th November 2011. “Thank you so much Gary.”

Monica passed her test on the 1st November 2011. “thank you, thank you, thank you Chau lol”

Sarah from South Ockendon passed her practical driving test on the 21st November 2011. “Thank you so much Graham”

Joanne, passed her test on the 24th November 2011.  “Never thought I would do it 1st time, Thanks so much”

Chris passed his test on the 8th November 2011. “Thanks Chau”

Sulaiman pass his driving test at Tilbury on Wednesday 23rd november 2011. “Thanks Chau”. 

Belinda, passed her test at Tilbury on the 30th November 2011. “Thank you Graham for being such an amazing teacher. Thanks for being so calm and welcoming, I learnt a lot !”

Jamie passed his test at Tilbury on the 30th November 2011. “Thanks Chau”

Ripa, passed her pratical test 29th November 2011. " My little brother wants to start taking lesson, I will definitely recommend Chau to him" :)

Testimonials November 2011

James from Harold Hill passed his practical test on 22nd November 2011.  “Thank you Gary”.

Steven passed his test on the 6th December at Barking.  “Thanks Annette”

Sinbad passed his practical driving test on the 6th December 2011. “Thanks to my instructor Graham who was great, with his patience and clear explanations I was able to pass my test at the first attempt. Fivestar is definitely worth recommending”

Joseph passed his driving test on 2nd December at Tilbury test centre 1st time pass. “Thanks Five Star”

Kirsty from Basildon, passed her practical test on the 13th December 2011. “Graham has really helped and boosted my confidence in driving and would recommend him for anyone lacking in confidence”

Kevin from South Ockendon, passed his practical driving test on the 13th December 2011.  “Graham is a great instructor, really good at teaching everything and got a first time pass with him”

Hafsat from Tilbury passed her test on the 9th December 2011. “thank you Gary, see you next week for my Pass Plus”

Cally from South Ockendon, Passed her test on the 12th December 2011. “ I did a 20 hour semi intensive with Gary and passed first time, thank you so much Five Star. Still can't believe I passed.”

Harrison from Grays passed at Tilbury 14th December 2011.  “Thank you Gary, you helped my sister Lauren pass 1st time and now I've passed 1st time. Thank you so much”.

Irene from Grays passed on the 19th December 2011. “Graham is a good instructor, I enjoyed every bit of the lessons, so happy to pass.”

Stephanie passed in December 2011.  “Thanks Geoff”

Driving test passes & Testimonials from 2011

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